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Online Journal of Veterinary Research


Volume 26 (5): 376-386, 2022.

Mouse WD repeat protein R13 ubiquitin-ligase induces meiosis, apoptosis and stress in rabbits.


Murthy, BSN Jyotsna, C; Jyothi, D; Kiran, C; Mala G and Singh, L.


Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology Uppal Road, Hyderabad 500 007 (India)




Murthy BSN Jyotsna, C Jyothi, D Kiran, C Mala G and Singh L. Mouse WD repeat protein R13 ubiquitin-ligase induces meiosis, apoptosis and stress in rabbits, Onl J Vet Res., 26 (5): 376-386, 2022. WD Repeat Domain (WDR13) gene is widely expressed in tissues universal tissue-expression of WDR13. We cloned mouse testes cDNA transcripts of WDR13 by PCR for polyclonal antibody. cDNAs were digested and vectored for plasmid in bacteria. To assess expression and immunity of WDR13 we injected SC cloned plasmid on back of rabbits 5 X every 10 days and then IV at 15-day intervals for serum SDS electrophoresis. Western blotting was done with mouse tissues to localize WDR13 confirmed by apotome confocal microscopy. For TM3 and embryonal terato-carcinoma PCC4 cells were assayed for TGF-, MG132, retinoic acid by PCR and electrophoresis. We evaluated heat and peroxide stress in cells and gene silencing with MG132 measured by PCR and chromatography. Microscopy suggested WDR13 was located mainly in mouse heart, brain, testis, thymus, kidney and liver but lowest in ovary and spleen localized in cytoplasm, nucleus and nucleolus. Results suggest WDR13 incubated with MG132 is up regulated for cell signaling, regulation and apoptosis. We found higher expression for WDR13 in testis suggesting it may affect meiosis by boosting retinoic acid. Silencing WDR13 or Fbw7 induced apoptosis confirmed by confocal microscopy.


Key Words: WD repeat domain, gene, mouse, rabbit, apoptosis, meiosis, stress.