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Online Journal of Veterinary Research

(Including Medical and Laboratory Research)

Established 1994

ISSN 1328-925X

Volume 26 (4): 295-301, 2022.

B-mode real time ultrasonography of ovine heart.


Aissi A. 


Surgery and Veterinary Imaging Service,Veterinary Department,Veterinary sciences Institut,Batna University,Batna 05000,Algeria.




Aissi A., B-mode Real Time Ultrasonography of ovine heart, Onl J Vet Res., 26 (4): 295-301, 2022. Author reports anatomical structure of normal heart by in vitro ultrasonography of 27 healthy sheep after slaughter. Ultrasonography was performed in water at 25oC by sectorial transducer from 2cm. Ultrasonograph from right ventricle yielded thickness of left and right ventricle walls, and inter ventricular space. In vitro images and cardiac biometrics were compared with in vivo data. Also biometrical measurements were compared with sizes were measured by ultrasonography measurement. Biometrical measurements were performed by a special ruler(caliper).


Keys worlds: Ultrasonography, heart, sheep.