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Online Journal of Veterinary Research  

 (Including Medical and Laboratory Research)

Established 1994
ISSN 1328-925X

Volume 27 (11): 587-593, 2023.

Effect of 30 day gavage tungsten alloy and cobalt on mice tissues.


Robert V Hawley, Pedro J Rico, Ranjana Verma, Eric Lombardini, Zygmunt Galdzicki


Uniformed Services, University of Health Sciences, USA.




Hawley RV, Rico PJ, Verma R, Lombardini E, Galdzicki Z., Effect of 30 day gavage tungsten alloy and cobalt on mice tissues, Onl J Vet Res., 27 (11): 587-593, 2023. We report effects of 100 g/g tungsten alloy gavaged daily 30 days on tissues of C57BL/6 mice. Shams were gavaged 100 g/g/day of cobalt chloride and controls were given water. At conclusion, mice were euthanized and tissues excised for microscopy. We found no neoplastic changes but did find gastrointestinal lesions in 63% gavaged tungsten and 24% given cobalt (P < 0.001) and urogenital pathology in 35 and 32% P < 0.04), respectively. Controls had severity score = 1 but on a 6 point scale cobalt group scored 2.5 and tungsten 3.8. We found mild to moderate hepatic glycogenosis and lipoidal degeneration with rare hepatocellular centronuclear chromatin condensation in treated mice. However, only 24% cobalt treated mice had gastrointestinal (GI) lesions. In those gavaged cobalt or tungsten, urogenitary tract lesions ranged 32-35% with marked seminiferous epithelial degeneration and atrophy with giant cells. In lungs we found alveolar histiocytosis with or without concurrent bronchopneumonia and mild eosinophilic crystalline pneumonia. Cardiovascular, endocrine, musculoskeletal, integumentary, special senses and neurological appeared normal.


Key words: Tungsten alloy (WA), tungsten (W), gastrointestinal (GI), and urogenital (U/G) systems.