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Online Journal of Bioinformatics


 Volume 7 (2) : 85-89, 2006

In silico homology and structure of Holo (Acyl Carrier Protein) synthetase from Treponema pallidum


Dowlathabad MR1,  Venkata RD2, Rallapalli R2



1Department of Biotechnology, Bioinformatics Laboratory and 2Department of Microbiology, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur-AP INDIA 


Dowlathabad MR,  Venkata RD, Rallapalli R., In silico Homology modeling and Structure assessment of Holo (Acyl Carrier Protein) synthetase from Treponema pallidum, Online J Bioinformatics 10 (2) :85 - 89, 2006. Computational data provides new opportunities for finding optimal targets among previously unexplored cellular functions based on an understanding of their related biological processes in bacterial pathogens and their hosts. The experimental structure for  Holo Acyl Carrier Protein synthetase  of   Treponema pallidum is still unknown for the reason that Treponema pallidum could not be grown in vitro conditions. A computational 3D model and structure assessment for ACP synthetase of Treponema pallidum is described with the aim of designing appropriate inhibitor(s) against  acp synthetase of Treponema pallidum


Key words: Troponema pallidum, Homology modeling, Holo (Acyl carrier protein) Synthetase