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Online Journal of Veterinary Research


Volume 26 (6): 402-412, 2022.

Prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in free ranging chickens.


Mojaver S1, Namavari M2, Sayari M1, Hosseini MH2, Mansourian M2, Kargar M1, Sadegh-zadeh S 2, Hayati M2.

1 Department of Pathobiology, School of Veterinary Medicine, Shiraz University, Shiraz, 2 Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, Shiraz, Iran




Mojaver S, Namavari M, Sayari M, Hosseini MH, Mansourian M, Kargar M, Sadegh-zadeh S, Hayati M., Prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in free ranging chickens, Onl J Vet Res., 26 (6): 413-421, 2022. We report prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in free-ranging chickens (Gallus domesticus) and oocyst contamination from the ground in Iran. Blood and brain samples from 150 chickens and serum were tested for T gondii by agglutination. Antibodies to T. gondii were found in 43(28/6%) of 150 serum samples with antibody titers 1:5 in 8 chickens, 1:10 in 6, 1:20 in 4, 1:40 in 14, 1:80 in 5 and 1:160 in 6 chickens. PCR-positive reactions for T. gondii DNA were observed in 5 (3/3%) brains of seropositive chickens. Primary antibody titer of immunized rabbits was 1:320. By immunohistochemistry 5 of 43 seropositive samples were multifocally positive in the brain. By immunosignaling we detected mild to moderate staining and coarsely to finely granular within cytoplasm of infected cells. We found 100% agreement between PCR and immunochemistry results.


Keywords: Toxoplasma gondii; Chickens; Seroprevalence; Molecular; Immunohistochemistry.