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Volume 23 (7):694-706, 2019.

Effect of thawing time on frozen straw Holstein bull spermatozoa.


¹Kreem Iwaid Al-Badry,¹Sadeq Jaafer Zalzala,²Safi Fathail Ali ,²Zahria Hamid Ali, ³Faris Faisel Ibrahim, ³Wafa’a Yeedam Lateef


1,2Department of surgery & Obstetrics, College of Veterinary Medicine- University of Baghdad, ³Ministry of Agriculture, Artificial Insemination Center, Baghdad, Iraq.




Al-Badry KI, Zalzala SJ, Ali SF, Ali ZH, Ibrahim FF, Lateef WY., Effect of thawing time on frozen straw Holstein spermatozoa, Onl J Vet Res.,  23 (7):694-706, 2019. We report effect of 20, 30, 45 and 60 second thawing on spermatozoa in frozen 0.25ml semen straws from Holstein bull in 37C water baths. We used semen from 4 bulls and tested 6 semen samples from each. We assessed spermatozoa motility, survival, acrosomes and fertilization. We found 30s thawing provided significant viability compared with other thawing times with less mortality, acrosome damage and greater progressive motility. Results suggested that thawing for less than 20s was most damaging to spermatozoa.


Key words: Thawing period, Holstein bull, frozen semen. Raw data provided.