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Volume 24 (2):99-106, 2020.


 Effect of gold on serum redox status in male and female rabbits determined by cyclic voltammetry.


Mustafa Fadil1, Muhammed Mizher Radhi2, Bahaa Fakhri Hussein1.


1-College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Baghdad, Baghdad-Iraq, 2-Radiology Dept., Health and Medical Technology College-Baghdad, Middle Technology University (UTM), Iraq.




Fadil M, Radhi MM, Hussein BF., Effect of gold on serum redox status in male and female rabbits determined by cyclic voltammetry, Onl J Vet Res., 24 (1):99-106, 2020. We determined redox state of rabbit plasma in male and female rabbits given 2, 3 and 4mg/kg gold (AuIV) by cyclic voltammetry. We detected oxidation–reduction current peaks of Au(IV) ions before injection at 1 and 0.8 V respectively. The reduction peak was enhanced after dosing with Au(IV). Cyclic voltammogram of plasma from female rabbits given 3mg/Kg AU at 1 and 12 weeks, showed that the oxidation current peak declined but reduction peak increased suggesting an antioxidant effect and/or inhibition of free radicals. In contrast, in male plasma the oxidation peak appeared enhanced by gold ions but decreased reduction peak. Results suggest that gold ions may enhance oxidation in male rabbits.


Keywords: cyclic voltammetry, AuCl4, male and female rabbits, redox process, in vivo study.