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Volume 22 (1):30-37, 2018.

Detection of glycoconjugates in porcine placental villa from different gestational periods


 Sanchos G,  Merkis C, Koncurat M.


Area de Microscopía Electrónica, Facultad de Agronomía y Veterinaria, Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto, Argentina




Sanchos G,  Merkis C, Koncurat M., Detection of glycoconjugates in porcine placental villa from different gestational periods, Onl J Vet Res., 22 (1):30-37, 2018. Porcine placenta is epitheliochorial, non invasive, diffuse, folded and non-decidual. Since saccharides are involved in cell-cell recognition and adhesion, their type and presence in the placental interface is of particular interest. We describe types of glycol-conjugates in the placental villi at different gestational periods. Nine reproductive tracts from different gestational periods of cross bred swine were analyzed: ±28 (n=2), ±55 (n=2), ±60 (n=1), ±70 (n=1) and ±114 days of pregnancy (n=3). Placental structure was determined by light microscopy and glycol-conjugates by lectin histo-chemistry with fluorescent lectins. Sialic acid was bound during all gestational periods whereas different oligosaccharides showed most expression in intermediate periods of gestation. For example, α-gal, β-gal and galNAc were present from the beginning to the end of gestation binding most at Days 55 and 70. Glucose and mannose were the most common found at every gestational period. Our results confirm those reported in animal with epitheliochorial placenta. The saccharides appeared heterogeneous but different in porcine placental villa throughout gestation.


Key words: placenta, gestational periods, lectins, glycoconjugates, porcines.