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Online Journal of Veterinary Research

(Including Medical and Laboratory Research)

Established 1994

ISSN 1328-925X


Volume 22 (11):1054-1061, 2018.

Serum electrolytes, gluthathione and malondialdehyde in rats injected gentamycin and gavaged Morus alba leaf extract.


Mojtaba I Hashim and Salma J Asker.


College of Veterinary Medicine , University of Baghdad.



Hashim MI, Asker SJ., Serum electrolytes, gluthathione and malondialdehyde in rats injected gentamycin and gavaged Morus alba leaf extract, Onl J Vet Res., 22 (11):1054-1061, 2018. Five groups of 15 swiss albino male rats each were injected 5mg/kg gentamicin sulphate intramuscularly (IM) with 200 or 400mg/kg Morus alba ethanolic leaf extract daily for 5 and 10 days or 5mg/kg gentamicin IM with 200mg/kg Vitamin C orally (Sham controls 4). Water controls (5) were given distilled water orally daily for 5 and 10 days. Five rats from each group were left 10 days more without any additional treatments as recovery period. Animals of each group (n=5) were sacrificed at day 5, 10 and 20 days and blood was taken for serum biochemistry, gluthathione (GSH) and Maloldehyde (MDA). Compared with water controls our results showed 5 to 13% declines in serum sodium and very large declines (-22 to -47%) in serum potassium in rats given gentamycin with no recovery by day 20. In rats given gentamycin with 400mg/kg MA or and Vitamic C serum Na and K remained similar to controls. We also observed declines in serum calcium, magnesium and GSH but increased (P<0.05) serum MDA at days 5, 10 and even after 10 days of recovery. We find that daily 5mg/kg gentamycin IM induces severe possibly permanent changes in serum electrolytes in rats.


Key-Words: Morus alba, gentamycin, toxicity, electrolytes, gluthathione, malondialdehyde. Raw data provided.