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Online Journal of Bioinformatics

Volume 6 (2) :114-120, 2005

MIPE -- an XML-format to facilitate the storage and exchange of PCR-related data


Aerts JA1, Veenendaal T2


1Bioinformatics Group, Roslin Institute, United Kingdom, 2Animal Breeding and Genetics Group, Wageningen University, The Netherlands.



Aerts JA, Veenendaal T, MIPE -- a XML-format to facilitate the storage and exchange of PCR-related data, Online J Bioinformatics 6 (2) : 114-120, 2005. Although data exchange formats exist in the fields of sequence-annotation, microarray and other applications, no general format is available for PCR-related data. An XML format that describes PCR experiments in detail, MIPE (Minimal Information for PCR Experiments) was  implemented to facilitate exchange between raw and interpreted PCR data. Data can be recorded on the design of the PCR experiment (e.g. the primer sequences and temperature profile) as well as on the results of that experiment (including the resulting DNA sequence and any single-nucleotide polymorphisms detected). This format can be used both for the storage and the exchange of PCR-related data.


KEYWORDS: MIPE, PCR, XML, data storage, data exchange