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Online Journal of Veterinary Research


Volume 22 (4):281-287, 2018.

Melatonin receptor A1 gene polymorphism and breeding season in Gazelle subgutturosa marica


Mazin Talib Abbas, Saad Akram Hatif.


College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Baghdad. Raw data supplied.



Abbas MT, Hatif SA., Melatonin receptor A1 gene polymorphism and breeding season in gazelle subgutturosa marica, 22 (4):281-287, 2018. We describe a melatonin receptor A1 gene (MTNR1A) polymorphism associated with breeding season in Gazelle subgutturosa marica in Iraq. Melatonin and genomic DNA were determined March to November in blood taken from 11 female gazelle aged 2-4 years. We found polymorphism among (MTNR1A) gene sequences in 95% and 96% compared with MTNR1A gene of Cervus Nippon (Sika Deer): In 4 to 6 gazelles we found nucleotide transversion at 96% and in 6-8 were 95% compatible with GenBank. While transition of nucleotide between (11-13) and (12-14) to 96% and 95% respectively. Amino acid (AA) expression was different between gazelles with non-sense 96% and miss-sense 96% compatible with GenBank. Melatonin peaked significantly (P < 0.01) during October and November and declined during March, April and May. Six gazelles cycled in October and 5 in November. Our results suggest that gazelle (Gazella subgutturosa) in Iraq are seasonal with most breeding occurring in October and November. Results suggest that polymorphism in MTNR1A gene sequence may be affected by season.



Key word: Reproduction, MTNR1A gene, Gazelle subgutturosa.