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Online Journal of Veterinary Research


Volume 23 (7):628-645, 2019.

Evaluation of a muco-adhesive nano liposome low dose progesterone-PMSG

intra-vaginal tablet on estrus, ovulation and lambing in ewes.


Iman Rasool Al-Shati and Najlaa Sami Ibrahim.


1Department of Surgery and Obstetric; Faculty of College of Veterinary Medicine University of Baghdad, Iraq.




Al-Shati IR, Ibrahim NS., Evaluation of a muco-adhesive nano liposome low dose progesterone-PMSG intra-vaginal tablet on estrus, ovulation and lambing in ewes, Onl J Vet Res., 23 (7):628-645, 2019. We evaluated an intravaginal adhesive muco-nano liposomes tablet with low dose 5mg progesterone (P4) and 50IU pregnant mare serum gonadotropin PMSG (MAG) on onset and duration of estrus, ovulation, pregnancy, lambing, litter, twins and serum P4 in groups on 10 ewes each. The formulations were retained in a 50% hydrogel 0.5cm radius 0.1cm thick tablet placed on the dorsal wall of the vagina. Results were compared with standard higher dose 50mg P4 and 200IU PMSG intra-vaginal sponges (MAPS) in 10 ewes. Ten control ewes were inserted empty tablet and another 10 were not treated. Onset, duration of estrus, ovulation were recorded and synchronization and pregnancy confirmed by blood P4 and ultrasound. Liposomes retained ~81% P4 and ~88% PMSG. Mean induction of estrus was 90% with MAG and 80% with MAPS compared with only 40-50% in controls (P < 0.05). In ewes inserted MAG, mean estrus was evident at ~34h, MAPS ~55h and controls 71-82h (P < 0.05) which then lasted 37h, 29h and 18-19h, respectively (P < 0.05). Mean pregnancy and lambing with MAG or MAPs was 90% and controls 40-50% (P < 0.05). Mean litter size was 1.33 with MAG, 1.25 with MAPS, and 1 in controls. At day 17 after insertion, serum progesterone reached 4.870.15ng/ml in ewes inserted MAPS and 2.930.99ng/ml in ewes inserted MAGS but only 1.020.01 ng/ml in controls inserted empty tablet and 1.640.03 ng/ml in those not treated. Progesterone levels in those give MAPS were higher than MAG. Lambing and twinning were correlated with higher progesterone. We found no difference in control lamb genders but more females (~66%) in ewes inserted MAG or MAPS. Birth weight in MAPS ranged 3.73-4.41kg MAG 3.47-4.01 and controls 4.40-4.72kg. We find that the low dose P4 and PMSG tablet yielded similar or better reproductive outcomes in ewes compared with standard high dose sponges.


Key words: liposome, PMSG, ewe, MAG Lipo P4, Lipo PMSG, Iraq, Estrous synchronization, superovulation. Raw data Provided.