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 Online Journal of Veterinary Research

  Volume 23 (1):32-39, 2019.

Effect of gastrointestinal parasites on hematology, and serum cholesterol, calcium,

phosphorus and enzymes in male and female chickens.


A Ul-Jabbar MH Aljoburi, NA Jassim, Ismael I Hasan.


1Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tikrit , Iraq.




A Ul-Jabbar, Jassim NA, Hasan II Effect of gastrointestinal parasites on hematology, cholesterol, calcium, phosphorus and serum enzymes in male and female chickens, Onl J Vet Res., 23 (1):32-39, 2019. We identified gastrointestinal parasites in 43 hens and 34 cocks aged 1.5 2 years old from a total cohort of 230 birds. This accounted for an infestation rate of 33.4% wherein 38.3% were single and 61.7 % mixed infections. We compared findings in infested birds (n=77) with non-infested ones (n= 153). In infested birds we identified Ascaridia galli in 15.6%, Capillaria spp. 14.3%, Railleitina echinobothrida 11.7%, Davainea proglottinan 11.7%, Amoebotaenia sphenoides 10.4 %, Eimeria spp. 9.1%, Syngamus trachea 7.8%, Raillietina cesticillus 6.5%, Heterakis gallinarumin 6.5%, Cryptosporidium spp. 3.8% and Hymenolepsis carioca in 2.6%. Compared with values in non-infested controls (P < 0.05) blood glucose was 19%, protein 24%, albumin 22, alanine aminotranferase 41% and aspartate aminotransferase 29% lower whereas globulin was 25%, cholesterol 1.8%, calcium 41% and phosphorus 29% higher in infested birds.


Key words: Gastrointestinal parasites, cocks, hematology, serum enzymes.