Online Journal of Veterinary Research

Established 1994

ISSN 1328-925X


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Updated October 2 2022


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Impact factor 1.60 /1.32 July 2013


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Note: Impact factors for Veterinary Journals are MUCH LOWER than for other disciplines (Physics, Medicine, Computer Science, ect).

Other assessments: The journal was accepted for Indexing by SCOPUS , ISI Thompson and Agricola. HI index can be calculated by Harzings publish or perish and the current results are as follows:


online journal of veterinary research

Publish or Perish 8.4.4041.8250 (basic report)

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Reference date: 2022-10-02 11:37:09 -0300

Publication years: 1999-2022

Citation years: 23 (1999-2022)

Papers: 909

Citations: 1243

Citations/year: 54.04 (acc1=38, acc2=11, acc5=2, acc10=0, acc20=0)

Citations/paper: 1.37

Authors/paper: 3.08/3.0/4 (mean/median/mode)

Age-weighted citation rate: 150.02 (sqrt=12.25), 61.87/author

Hirsch h-index: 15 (a=5.52, m=0.65, 360 cites=29.0% coverage)

Egghe g-index: 20 (g/h=1.33, 423 cites=34.0% coverage)

PoP hI,norm: 9

PoP hI,annual: 0.39

Fassin hA-index: 4

Note of caution: Journal impact factors are affected/biased by variations between disciplines, item by item. The figures quoted here must be interpreted with caution. Interested persons should read the Thomson essay on impact factors to interpret the data.
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