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 Online Journal of Veterinary Research

Volume 22 (7):566-570, 2018.

Reference hematology for commercial Ross 308 broilers (Iraq).


Ahmed M. Al-Nedawi


Department of Animal Production, College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad, Iraq




Al-Nedawi AM., Reference hematology for commercial Ross 308 broilers (Iraq), Onl J Vet Res., 22 (7):566-570, 2018. Reference hematology from brachial or tarsal venipuncture of eighty, 35 day old Ross 308 broilers (Iraq) was determined with reference value advisor. Reference intervals (RI) values were red blood cells 4.80-4.95 x106/l, hemoglobin 8.70-11.80g/dl, packed cell volume 25-45%, mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration 31.02-33.88g/dl, mean corpuscular hemoglobin 26.00-28.83pg, mean corpuscular volume 77.00-88.40fl and white blood cells 3.05-5.55x103. Lower and upper limit values of these values overlapped general reference values (GRI) emphasizing the importance of establishing values for each country.


Keywords: Ross 308, reference value, reference value advisor, hematological parameters, biochemical parameters.