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Online Journal of Veterinary Research

(Including Medical and Laboratory Research)

Established 1994
ISSN 1328-925X


26 (9): 695-705, 2022.

Effect of allicin Alium sativum on acute and chronic hind paw pain in male Wistar rats


Narges Eskandari Roozbahani, Javad Sajedianfard, Negar Karimaghaie, Hamid Rajaian.


School of Veterinary Medicine, Shiraz University, Iran




Roozbahani NE, Sajedianfard J, Karimaghaie N, Rajaian H. Effect of allicin Alium sativum on acute and chronic hind paw pain in male Wistar rats, Onl J Vet Res., (9): 695-705, 2022. Allicin in alium sativum (Garlic) can reduce blood glucose, cholesterol, pressure, free radicals, parasites, viral, bacterial and fungal infections. We describe effect of aqueous extract of garlic on acute and chronic pain in male Wistar rats induced by hind paw formalin test. Groups of 6 rats each were injected 2.5% formalin in hind paw and injected 5 and 2.5ml extract monitored every 5min to 60 min for pain scores 0 to 3. In controls, mean acute pain score was 2.300.05 at interphase 1.470.13 and chronic 2.080.7. Compared with controls, in rats given extract we detected reductions of ~10 to 30% in pain by 5 minutes and up 70-96% by 20min (P < 0.05) but after tended to rise to control levels. We found differences (P<0.05) between control and all test groups in acute phase as depicted on Figures 1 to 3 and Table 2. Greatest reduction in pain and nociceptive (P<0.05) tests of ~80% occurred in rats given 5ml/kg extract 10 to 15 minutes before formalin paw test. Results suggest that A. sativum aqueous extract may reduce acute pain if given 10-15 minutes before hind paw formalin test. We found greater reductions in pain with intraperitoneal injection of extract compared with oral route but statistically no difference in nociceptive scores possibly due to absorption and first pass effect.


Key words: Garlic, Pain, Analgesia, Formalin test, Rat