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Online Journal of Veterinary Research

(Including Medical and Laboratory Research)

Established 1994

ISSN 1328-925X

Volume 26 (3): 236-237, 2022.

Congenital sternal foramen in a stillborn Holstein calf


Azizi S (DVM PhD), Khosravi Bakhtiary M (DVM), Goodarzi M (DVM, PhD)


School of Veterinary Medicine, Islamic Azad University, Shahrekord Branch, Shahrekord, Iran.




Azizi S, Bakhtiary MK, Goodarzi M., Congenital sternal foramen in a stillborn Holstein calf, Onl J Vet Res., 26 (3): 236-237, 2022. Congenital sternal foramen is an anomaly whose occurrence is rare in human but is especially unusual in animals. This defect was formed when fusion of multiple ossification centers are incomplete. It may be associated with other lesions in body organs especially cardiac anomalies. In present study, we report a very rare case of congenital sternal foramen in a Holstein calf. The oval defect was like a gunshot wound and located at the lower third of the sternum. Apparently, the rest of skeleton system seems normal. The awareness of the anomaly is important for better diagnosis and treatment of diseases.