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 Volume 22 (4):322-329, 2018.

Effect of Eruca sativa on phosphoric acid induced renal toxicity in rabbits.


Dina Saadoon Dheyab


Lecturer –Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, College of  Veterinary Medicine –University of Baghdad, Iraq.




Dheyab DS., Effect of Eruca sativa on phosphoric acid induced renal toxicity in rabbits. Onl J Vet Res., 22 (4):322-, 2018. Author reports effect of aqueous extract of Eruca sativa leaves on serum urea, uric acid, protein and kidney tissue in rabbits gavaged 1/10 lethal dose of 1350mg/dl phosphoric acid with or without 250mg/kg aqueous Eruca sativa daily for 30 days. Five controls were given only food and water. At day 30, fasting heart blood samples were taken. In rabbits gavaged phosphoric acid, serum urea values were 80.6mg/dl, uric acid 2.53mg/dl and globulin 2.75 mg/dl, all higher (P < 0.05) than same values in other groups. However, total serum protein (4.71mg/dl) was lowest in those given only phosphoric acid (P < 0.05). In rabbits gavaged Eruca sativa with phosphoric acid serum urea was 43.00mg/dl, uric acid 1.64mg/dl, globulin 1.15mg/dl but serum proteins remained stable (P < 0.05) to 7.62mg/dl. Values in rabbits given only E. sativa extract were similar to controls and those given the extract with phosphoric acid. In rabbits gavaged only phosphoric acid, microscopy revealed acidophilic cytoplasm of cells in renal cortex and medulla. Glomeruli showed necrosis with atrophy of the glomerular tuft. In the medulla, there was degeneration in epithelial cells of the renal tubules with necrosis and cast formation. In rabbits gavaged Eruca sativa extract with or without phosphoric acid kidneys appeared normal. Findings suggest a protective effect of Eruca sativa on phosphoric acid toxicity in rabbits.


Keywords: phosphoric acid, Eruca sativa, urea, uric acid, total serum protein, globulin, albumin. Raw data supplied.