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Volume 23 (5):355-362, 2019.

Infection of eggs by Klebsiella pneumoniae and E. coli stored at 4 or 25șC for 2 hours to 28 days.


Moutaz  A.W.A Mounam, Basil R. F. Razook and Majid M Mahmood.



College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Baghdad, Iraq.




Mounam AWA,  Razook BRF, Mahmood MM., Infection of eggs by Klebsiella pneumoniae and E. coli in eggs stored at 4 and 25șC  for 28 days. Onl J Vet Res., 23 (4):355-362, 2019. Lots of 20 fresh brown Marans intact eggs each were sterilized with alcohol, dried and painted 0.02 ml of 1 X 108 cfu/ml Klebsiella pneumoniae with or without 0.02 ml of 1 X 108 E. coli on the wide edge end of each egg. Controls were painted 0.02ml phosphate buffer saline. Eggs were then incubated at 4 and 25șC for 2-72 hours and 7-28 days. Sterile swabs were used to collect bacteria from egg membrane and content for culture on blood, nutrient and MacConkey agars incubated at 37șC for 48h. We detected E. coli in membranes by 48h at 25șC and 7 days at 4șC whereas K. pneumoniae by 72 hours at 25șC and 7 days at 4șC. When applied together, we found the bacteria in membranes by 24h at 25șC and 7 days at 4șC. Separately, we detected E. coli and K. pneumoniae in egg content by 7 days at 25C but none at 4C, and together by day 7 at 25șC but not until 21 days at 4șC.


Keywords: Klebsiella pneumonia, E. coli, eggs, membranes, content, storage, temperature.