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Online Journal of Veterinary Research©

Volume (9):898-903, 2019.

Effect of adipose-derived osteogenic mesenchymal stem cells on severe osteoarthritis lameness in dogs.


Patrícia Furtado Malard¹ (DVM, PhD), Hilana dos Santos Sena Brunel¹ (DVM, PhD), Paulo Henrique Sampaio da Silva² (DVM),

Cecília Ferreira Amaral Silva²(DVM), Lara Regina Pontes Cury ²(DVM), André Rodrigues da Cunha Barreto Vianna³(DVM, PhD),

Eduardo Maurício Mendes de Lima (DVM,  PhD)²*.


¹Biocell Lab - Cellular Therapy, SMPW Qd.05, Brasília, DF 71735-500,²Faculty of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine, University of Brasília (UnB), ICC Sul, Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro, Cx. Postal, 4508, Brasília, DF 70910-970. ³Department of Animal Anatomy , Federal University of Paraná – Palotina Sector (UFPR), R. Pioneiro, 2153 - Dallas, Palotina - PR, 85950-000 *




Malard PF, Santos Sena HB, Sampaio da Silva PH, Amaral Silva CF, Pontes Cury LR, Barreto Vianna AR, Mendes de Lima EM. Effect of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells on severe osteoarthritis lameness in dogs, Onl J Vet Res., (9):898-903, 2019. We evaluated adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells for treatment of severe osteoarthritis lameness in 8 dogs, without anti-inflammatory drugs. Under anesthesia, we excised adipose tissue from the subcutaneous gluteal region, above the greater trochanter, corresponding to 1cm3 from each dog. Stem cells were identified after 72h incubation and flow cytometry for expression of hematopoietic cell markers, CD45 CD34, CD90 and CD29. After 21 days of self-cultivation, cells differentiated into osteogenic lineage cells confirmed by Von Kossa stain, microscopy and mineralization. Dogs were evaluated for lameness with 7 being severe at Day 0, and 1 dog having a milder form. Dogs were then injected 2 million ± 10% cells per affected  intra-articular joint and evaluated for lameness at 30 and 180 days after treatment.  At 30 or 180 days we observed visible reduction in lameness in all dogs, one with complete remission at Day 30. By 180 days, we found complete remission in another 2 dogs which had had severe lameness.  Our results suggest that adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells could be used to treat osteoarthritis with 3 dogs showing complete remission. Further research with larger cohorts of dogs and imaging of joints may confirm these findings.  


Keywords: Mesenchymal cells , Adipose, Osteoarthritis, Lameness, Dogs.