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Online Journal of Veterinary Research

 24(10): 568-572, 2020.

Relaxin and ultrasonography pregnancy diagnosis in dogs by breed and season.


Sulake Fadhil Abbas Al-Zubaidi1, Souhayla O Hussain2


1 Surgery and Obstetrics , College(s) of Veterinary Medicine, Al-Qasim Green University, Baghdad University, Iraq.




Abbas Al-Zubaidi SF, Hussain SO., Relaxin and ultrasonography pregnancy diagnosis in dogs by breed and season, Onl J Vet Res., 24(10): 568-572, 2020. We surveyed reproductive status in 311 pure and mongrel breed dogs of different breed and age in Iraq by clinical examination, breeding history, season, relaxin and ultrasonography to diagnose pregnancy over 12 months. Estrus interval ranged 4 to 6 months lasting ~9.3 0.1 days. Estrus prevailed 33% in Winter, 22% spring, 19% summer and 26% in autumn. Relaxin test confirmed 100% by ultrasonography for pregnancy occurred ~61% Autumm, 21% summer, 53% Spring and 60% winter. Our findings suggest no seasonal or breed effect on estrus. We find that relaxin tests are accurate predictor of pregnancy and that Autumn and Winter are associated with higher pregnancy and Summer lowest, probably due to heat stress.


Keywords: Bitch, seasonality, relaxin and pregnancy.