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Volume 20(9):602-606, 2016.

Cytogenetic analysis of bactrian-dromedary crossbreed camels


Nematollah Asadi2, Saeed Esmaeelkhanian1

1Animal Science Research Institute of Karaj Iran, 2Razi Herbal Medicines Research Center, Lorestan University of Medical Sciences, khoramabad Iran. 




Asadi N, Esmaeelkhanian S., Cytogenetic analysis of bactrian-dromedary crossbreed camels. Onl J Vet Res., 20(9):602-606, 2016. Male Bactrian camels were crossbred with female dromedaries and cytogenetic markers in 15 of their male offspring are described. Chromosomes were divided according to position of centromere comprising acrocentric autosomes 1-31, metacentric autosomes 33 and 34 and 2 autosomal sub metacentric chromosomes 35 and 36 and a pair of  sex chromosomes. X chromosome was large metacentric and Y chromosome small acrocentric. Mean length of longest chromosome was 12.2μm and shortest 2.5μm. The diploid chromosome number for hybrids was 74 chromosome with a karyotype of 32 acrocentric, 3 metacentric and 1 pair sub metacentric autosomes. The small arms of acrocentric chromosomes were C-band positive and interstitial C-bands were associated with the centromere of the sub metacentric chromosomes.


Key-words: Cytogenetics, Bactrian, Camel.