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Online Journal of Veterinary Research


 Volume 22 (3):210-215, 2018.

Effect of L-Carnitine on semen of adult NMRI mice given prolonged Cimetidine.


Mina Kiani MSca, Paria Parto PhDb


aDepartment of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran, and bBiology Department, Prince George`s Community College, MD, USA



Kiani M, Parto P., Effect of L-Carnitine on semen of adult NMRI mice injected prolonged Cimetidine, Onl J Vet Res., 22 (3):210-215, 2018. Cimetidine is given for stomach ulcers, but its prolonged use can affect the male reproductive system. We report effects of L-carnitine on semen from adult mice treated daily for 15 days with 100mg/kg cimetidine. Groups of 5 NMRI mice each were injected intraperitoneally (IP) with 100 mg/kg cimetidine, 100 mg/kg L- carnitine, or 100 mg/kg cimetidine with 100mg L- carnitine in phosphate buffered saline (PBS) daily for 15 days. Controls were injected 1ml/L PBS IP. Cimetidine caused a decrease (P≤0.05) in motility, viability and normal morphology, but did not affect sperm count. Compared with mice given only cimetidine, L- carnitine with cimetidine increased (P≤0.05) sperm count, motility, viability and normal morphology. Our findings suggest that L- carnitine prevented toxic effects of cimetidine in sperm of adult NMRI mice.


Key Words: Cimetidine, L-Carnitine, semen, mice.