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Volume 23 (11):1051-1056, 2019..

Effect of L-carnitine on cryo-tolerance of 16-cell stage bovine embryos.


Ahmed S Al-Ebady1, Souhayla O Hussain2, Saad A Hatif2,

Dhia H Al-Delemy1 and Akbal O Al-Amery3.


Department(s) of Surgery and Obstetrics, College(s) of Veterinary Medicine, 1University of Al-Qadisiyah, 2University of Baghdad, 3Department of ART, Al-Mahmoodiyah Hospital, Ministry of Health, Iraq.




Ahmed S. Al-Ebady, Souhayla O. Hussain, Saad A. Hatif, Dhia H. Al-Delemy and Akbal O. Al-Amery, Effect of L. Carnitine on cryo-tolerance of 16-cells stage bovine embryos, Onl J Vet Res., 23 (11):1051-1056, 2019. We report effect of L-carnitine on cryo-tolerance of 34 vitrified 16-cell stage bovine embryos. Ten non-treated vitrified embryos were used as controls. Cumulus–oocyte complex (COC) were recovered and graded by homogenous cytoplasm surrounded by one or more layer of cumulus cells matured in TCM-199 supplemented with 10% FCS (controls) or 10% FCS and 0.6 mg/ml L- Carnitine. After 24 hours, mature oocytes were fertilized in frozen-thawed straws and 18-20h fertilization, zygotes denuded cultured in CR1aa medium supplemented 0.6 mg/ml L.Carnitine. Embryos were vitrified in 0.25ml straws with holding, equilibration A and B, vitrification and dilution mediums vitrified in straws immersed in liquid nitrogen for 1 week. For warming and re-culturing, straws were held for 10 seconds at room temperature (20-24ºC), then placed in a water-bath at (20-24ºC) and embryos re-cultured in TCM-199 supplemented with 1% BSA, and assessed for further development after 24 hours. Results show that of 34 embryos vitrified with L-carnitine, 14 were viable at warming and 8 twenty four hours later whereas only 2 control embryos survived at warming and none by 24h (P<0.01). We find that L-Carnitine enhanced survival of vitrified bovine embryos after warming. 


Key words: IVF, bovine embryos vitrification, L. Carnitine.