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Online Journal of Veterinary Research


 Volume 22 (3):188-194, 2018.

Effect of bovine bone morphogenic protein on healing of equine metatarsus.


Dehghani S. and *Aliabadi A.


Department of Surgery, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Shiraz, Shiraz, *Department of Veterinary Clinical Studies, Kazeroun Azad University, Kazeroun , Iran.




Dehghani S, Aliabadi A., Effect of bovine bone morphogenic protein on healing of equine metatarsus, Onl J Vet Res., 22 (3):188-194, 2018. Bone morphogenic protein (BMP) improves bone healing for delayed or non-union fractures and filling intervertebral gaps by osteogenic activity. Groups of 5 adult horses each were anaesthetized with xylazine, diazepam and ketamine and a window defect was made through the mid metatarsal region by electric osteotom. One group was injected 300mg BMP liquid suspension through the window site of the metatarsal bone and wound closed, bandaged and splinted. Controls were not given BMP. Horses were monitored clinically and radiologically for 84 days. Horses given BMP were able to use legs slightly from the 28th day and completely by the 42nd. Controls did not use legs until the 42nd day. In horses injected BMP we observed profound callus formation by the 21st day and gap filled, bridged and united proximal and distal cortex by 42nd day In controls we observed little callus even by day 42. We surmise that BMP may accelerate the bone healing process by osteogenic activity.


Key words: Bone morphogenic Protein, Fracture healing, Osteogenic activity, Horse.