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Online Journal of Veterinary Research


Volume 23 (6):578-584, 2019.

Effect of L-Arginine and N-carbamoyl glutamate on kidney and liver induced aflatoxin B1 histopathology in female rabbits.


Bilal Abid-Almajeed Mikhlif and Adil Jabbar Atiyah


Veterinary Public Health, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Baghdad




Abd-Majeed Miklef B, Jabbar Atiyah A., Effect of L-Arginine and N-carbamoyl glutamate on kidney and liver induced aflatoxin B1 histopathology in female rabbits., 23 (6):578-584, 2019. Authors report effect of arginine and N-Carbamylglutamate supplement on kidney and liver aflatoxin induced toxicity in female rabbits. Four groups of 7 rabbits each were fed basal diet with 4μg aflatoxin B1 (1), 4μg aflatoxin and 1 hour later given 300mg Arginine (2) or 300mg N-carbamoyl glutamate (3) daily for 7 weeks. Controls were fed basal diet (4). Rabbits were sacrificed at 7 weeks for liver and kidney tissue microscopy. In livers of rabbits given only aflatoxin, we observed extensive hemorrhagic foci, degeneration and severe swelling of hepatocytes, with pyknosis, karyorrhexis and compression of sinusoids. In kidneys we found multiple hemorrhagic foci, amyloidiosis, swelling of epithelial tubular cells, necrosis and inter-tubular vascular congestion. In those given N-carbamoyl glutamate we found central and portal vessel congestion and coagulative necrosis and in kidneys similar to those given only aflatoxin. In rabbits given aflatoxin with arginine we observed congestion of central veins and focal vascular degeneration and necrosis but the parenchyma and hepatic cords appeared mostly normal. Kidneys revealed mild degenerative changes of tubular and glomerular mesangial cells. The findings suggest that arginine may ameliorate histopathology of aflatoxin on liver and kidney in rabbits.


Key words : Arginine, N-carbamoyl glutamate, aflatoxin B1, histopathological, rabbits.