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Online Journal of Veterinary Research

Volume 25 (3): 238-244, 2021

Production and applications for acellular fish skin (Cyprinus carpio) scaffold.


Ali Saleh Mahdi1, Ahmed H. F. AL-Bayati2


1Department(s) of Surgery and Obstetrics, College(s) of Veterinary Medicine, 1Al- Qasim Green University, 2Baghdad University, Iraq





Mahdi AS, AL-Bayati AHF., Production and applications for acellular fish skin (Cyprinus carpio) scaffold, Onl J Vet Res., 25 (3): 238-244, 2021. We describe manufacture and bio-compatibility of a 3D acellular fish skin matrix sheet for tissue engineering applications. De-cellularization was confirmed by absence of cells and nuclei by eosin-hematoxilin stain. Scan electronic microscopy revealed a scaffold matrix of highly porous spongy structure with 155.17-300.63μm particles between pores of 40.83-120.08μm. Spectroscopy showed broad peaks with relatively low intensity at 2θ = 7.3, 24.7 and 33.2 due to semi-crystalline or amorphous organic JCPDS# 09-0432 collagen, proteoglycan and hyaluronic acid, JCPDS#035-0812 collagen, struvite and hydroxyapatite and PDF#50-2241 omega-3. This highly porous scaffold with ideal pore size could have tissue engineering applications which should be confirmed in vivo.


Keywords: (Cyprinus carpio), acellular skin matrix, sodium dodecyl sulfate.